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yrCommerce – Revamped

There was an introduction to the fresh Twitch Copypasta DB update a few days ago. Today, I’m introducing the new update, namely v.8.0, to the E-Commerce software yrCommerce.

Backend Changes

Major backend changes have been done to help reduce server load by a large margin.

Frontend Changes

I’ve also reduced the JavaScript code as much as possible and revamped the whole mobile interface to match all existing desktop features. Additionally, pages have also been changed to make them a bit more SEO-friendlier.

Admin Panel


Subcategory-types can now be explicitly created under a new tab below the subcategory management by specifying name and order. This also implies that you can now easily select types from drop-down menus within the subcategory manager.

Product Wishes

Products can now optionally have individual notes when adding to the cart.

PayPal PLUS Integration

PayPal PLUS has been added to the ever growing amount of payment options.

Bug Fixes

Fixed user resetting not working sometimes.

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