This website mainly acts as a blogging platform; topics range from Technology/IT/Programming/Gaming to random life stuff. You will also find some of my programming projects, nifty pictures and translation work on this site.


You can send correspondence to me@gimu.org.

I usually reply under 24 hours, given that your mail doesn’t land in the spam folder. You can also try to contact me via DMs on Twitter.

PGP public key: https://www.gimu.org/public.asc.

Fingerprint: 804F 65A5 1EB3 32C3 C9D4 4DB9 01C4 4918 CEDC 4252

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Linking to this website is appreciated, but bare in mind that hotlinking to any of the raw files (for example: https://www.gimu.org/a_file.jpg) should be avoided.

Most of my open source projects are licensed under the MIT license (but not all!), so please confirm the copyright within the respective project if you are interested in using/modifying it.

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