This site lists some projects that aren’t available on my any Git server. Various other projects are also available on my GitHub.

Please respectively confirm the license of a project in case of modification/commercial usage.

Name Description
wodeu Korean language learning app, Android and iOS
companion-for-ms2 Companion and helper for MS2, Android and iOS
companion-for-bdo Companion and helper for BDO, Android and iOS
yrCommerce Shopping cart software
yrCommerce-app App frontend for yrCommerce, Android and iOS
twitch-copypasta-db Simple text database with REST API
drama-chart Drama database Image and manga viewer
tauMail Qt E-Mail reader
linear-solver Implementations of Gaussian elimination, Cholesky decomposition, LU decomposition, QR decomposition, Seidel iteration and more
mango-orchestra Synchronized jukebox
connect-four-js Minimax and Alpha-Beta Pruning implementation
chancli 4chan terminal browser
koch-snowflake Koch snowflake visualization
fractals-gui Mandelbrot-, Julia-Set visualization
discord-nano Modular discord bot using JDA
sicp-solutions SICP solutions written in Scheme
X11-keylogger X11 proof of concept keylogger
lep Lisp expression parser
malloc-arm Malloc implementation in ARM assembly
X11-mev X11 mouse event simulator
frucht-engine SDL2/OpenGL based game engine
bmpcurses.c BMP images in ncurses
unio-php MVC skeleton in PHP
douzo.js jQuery modal plugin