This site lists some projects that aren’t available on my self-hosted Git Server. Various other projects are also available on my GitHub.

Please respectively confirm the license of the project when using/modifying it.

The condition of a project is indicated by one of the following statuses:

  • tba - to be announced, development has begun
  • finished - stable version released, potentially maintained
  • on hold - development has paused
wodeuKorean language learning appfinished
discord-ogiDiscord bot written in Golangon hold
companion-for-ms2Companion and helper for MS2, available on Android and iOSfinished
companion-for-bdoCompanion and helper for BDO, available on Android and iOSfinished
companion-for-bdo-translationTranslation repositoryfinished
yrCommerceShopping cart softwarefinished
twitch-copypasta-dbSimple text database with REST APIfinished
drama-chartDrama databaseon hold
hitagi-reader.pyImage and manga viewerfinished
tauMailQt E-Mail readerfinished
linear-solverImplementations of Gaussian elimination, Cholesky decomposition, LU decomposition, QR decomposition, Seidel iteration and morefinished
hy-srsSpaced repetition softwarefinished
mango-orchestraSynchronized jukeboxfinished
connect-four-jsMinimax and Alpha-Beta Pruning implementationfinished
koch-snowflakeKoch snowflake visualizationfinished
fractals-guiMandelbrot-, Julia-Set visualizationfinished
discord-nanoModular discord bot using JDAfinished
sicp-solutionsSICP solutions written in Schemeon hold
X11-keyloggerX11 proof of concept keyloggerfinished
lepLisp expression parserfinished
malloc-armMalloc implementation in ARM assemblyfinished
X11-mevX11 mouse event simulatorfinished
dotfilesArchLinux dotfilesfinished
dotfiles-legacyArchLinux dotfiles (legacy)finished
chancli4chan terminal browserfinished
frucht-engineSDL2/OpenGL based game enginefinished
bmpcurses.cBMP images in ncursesfinished
unio-phpMVC skeleton in PHPfinished
douzo.jsjQuery modal pluginfinished