yrCommerce v.10.4

I’m glad to announce the biggest update since the beginning of this hobby project, which will hopefully be available soon.

New Features in v.10.4

Here is an overview of new features worth mentioning:

  • Admin panel reorganization
  • Speed improvements (minifications and code optimizations)
  • SEO friendlier HTML pages
  • Distinct mobile app

Mobile App

The mobile app has been completely rewritten in Flutter! Thus, Android and iOS versions are going to behave the same and also look the same! Generally making it easier in terms of maintainability.


Many bugs (most of them visual) have been eliminated, some critical bugs have been back-ported to older versions already.

Companion for MS2 - v.1.3.0

The boss timer has been improved in this update.

  • Added sorting functionality
  • Added level information to each boss
  • Added spawn schedule information to each boss

v.1.3.0 is now available to download on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Companion for BDO - v.5.5.4d

This update fixes timezone issues due to daylight saving and adds new boss timer data for most regions.

  • Boss timer update (NA/EU/JP/KR/SA/SEA/MENA)
  • Added Garmoth data to certain regions
  • Fixed missing time data

Now available on the Google Play Store and App Store.