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Wodeu makes interactive reading possible by analyzing and processing Korean articles from the web.

The application applies language processing algorithms on articles to highlight only relevant content and add interactivity for language learners (translations, text-to-speech, integrated vocabulary trainer via spaced repetition and more).

Latest Changes

  • Added in-depth vocabulary card display for new articles
  • Added article usage section to vocabulary
  • Added pagination scrolling
  • Added hangul/romanization tool
  • Added changelog page link to settings
  • Updated translation algorithm for upcoming articles
  • Updated vocabulary dialog closing behaviour
  • Updated long-press dialog for words within articles
  • Updated vocabulary card layout and font family
  • Updated article categories to include local Korean news
  • Fixed article bookmarking issue in the storage section
  • Fixed faulty sharing link on certain articles

Upcoming Features

The roadmap can be accessed at https://github.com/Gimu/wodeu-app/projects

I’m always happy to hear feedback, you can reach me here or on GitHub regarding any feature suggestions or bug-reports.

So don’t miss the upcoming updates!