Latest Private Project
name: linear-solver
desc: implementation of Gaussian elimination, Cholesky decomposition, LU decomposition, QR decomposition, Seidel...


My projects used to be privately hosted with version controls, notably Git and SVN. I'm currently in the process of releasing them (probably not all) to the public. This is happening through this particular site and partially through GitHub.

General Projects

These are somewhat actively maintained.

Name Description
discord-ogi A discord bot written in Golang
twitch-copypasta-db Simple text database with REST API
yrCommerce Shopping cart software
companion-for-bdo A helper for BDO Image and manga viewer
tauMail Qt E-Mail reader
linear-solver Implementations of Gaussian elimination, Cholesky decomposition, LU decomposition, QR decomposition, Seidel iteration and more


Name Description
hy-srs Spaced repetition software
mango-orchestra Synchronized jukebox
discord-nano Modular discord bot using JDA
algorithms Repository showcasing various algorithms
connect-four-js Minimax and Alpha-Beta Pruning implementation
koch-snowflake Koch snowflake visualization
fractals-gui Mandelbrot-, Julia-Set visualization
euler Euler solutions
sicp-solutions SICP solutions written in Scheme
X11-keylogger X11 proof of concept keylogger
lep Lisp expression parser
malloc-arm Malloc implementation in ARM assembly
X11-mev X11 mouse event simulator
dotfiles ArchLinux dotfiles
dotfiles-legacy ArchLinux dotfiles (legacy)
chancli 4chan terminal browser
frucht-engine SDL2/OpenGL based game engine
bmpcurses.c BMP images in ncurses
unio-php MVC skeleton in PHP
douzo.js jQuery modal plugin
drama-chart Drama database