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Postfix and SMTP Relaying on CentOS 7

Fri 01 May 2015

One way to transmit mail within a local server is by sending them directly through third party mail servers on the Internet using the SMTP protocol.

Postfix is a free and open-source mail transfer agent (MTA) and available in most Linux distributions (including CentOS 7!).

This guide will outline the …

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XML Introduction

Fri 02 January 2015

A XML (short for Extensible Markup Language) document consists of:

  1. the prolog (optional)
  2. the document type definition (DTD, optional)
  3. the root element (which furthermore consists of more elements, tree structure)

Comments and processing instructions can be defined outside of tags.


The basic prolog looks like this: <?xml version="1 …

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Using Git to Manage a Live Site

Sat 09 August 2014

Uploading files to production level after every change in code can be quite a hassle. Most people would use an automated deployment system instead of doing it manually. We can create an automated deployment system ourself by just using a version control like Git, which would also only take a …

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