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Simple and minimalistic modal plugin for jQuery

Project maintained by gimu This project is released under the terms of the MIT license.

douzo.js is a lightweight and beautiful jQuery modal plugin dedicated to show content in a simple way. It provides various options ranging from prompt, alert to confirm-forms and also includes ajax/media capabilities.



Extract the respective files (douzo.min.js and douzo.min.css for a minified version) and refer to them.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/douzo.min.css">
<script src="path/to/douzo.min.js"></script>


Click on the respective header to try it out!

Basic Call

new Douzo('Here goes your content!');

Notification Extension

Autocloses after 2.5 seconds.

Douzo.notify('This is a notification!', null, {title: 'Notification'});

Alert Extension

Includes button and alert icon.

Douzo.alert('This is an alert form!');

Confirm Extension

Includes confirm and cancel button.

Douzo.confirm('This is a confirmation form!');

Prompt Extension

Includes input field, submit and cancel button.
Callback example in the following code.

Douzo.prompt('Here goes your content.', function(val, str) {alert('Button: ' + val + '\nInput: ' + str)}, {title:'custom title'});

Ajax Extension

Ajax call with parameter options.

Douzo.ajax('ajax.php', {params: {name: 'test'}});

Image Extension

Image display with optional width/height arguments.

Douzo.img('street.jpg', {title: 'An Image', width: '300'});

Custom Settings

Custom buttons and callback example.

new Douzo('custom content', {title: 'custom title', buttons: [
    {label: 'Yes', val: 'yes', classname: 'douzo-success'},
    {label: 'No', val: 'no', classname: 'douzo-danger'},
    {label: 'Cancel', val: 'cancel', classname: 'douzo-default'}], callback: function(val) {


A small overview of available options.


jQuery version 1.7+ and Font Awesome (currently included)