Companion for BDO

I'm currently very busy with university, so updates won't be that frequent. I'll try my best to keep it updated.
An iOS version is already planned.

It's finally here! My unofficial helper for Black Desert Online has recently been published to the Google Play Store. More screenshots are directly available on the store page itself.

Get it on Google Play

Demo Screenshot Demo Screenshot Demo Screenshot

Current Features

  • Ingame Timers
  • Boss Timers (NA/EU/SA/SEA/RU/KR/JP/TW/MENA)
  • Cooking, Alchemy, Processing, Workshop Database
  • Enhancement Chart
  • Grinding Chart
  • Horse Chart
  • Horse Calculator
  • Market Calculator
  • Enhancement Calculator

Upcoming Features

These are the features I'm thinking about to add:

  • More charts and guides!

Suggestions are always welcome and can be send to

So don't miss the upcoming updates!