XML Introduction

Jan 02, 2015 in Cheatsheet

A XML (short for Extensible Markup Language) document consists of:

  1. the prolog (optional)
  2. the document type definition (DTD, optional)
  3. the root element (which furthermore consists of more elements, tree structure)

Comments and processing instructions can be defined outside of tags.


The basic prolog looks like this: <?xml version="1 …

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Quick Introduction to C

May 01, 2014 in Cheatsheet

C Preprocessor

C preprocessor code will be executed before compiling the actual c code.
Preprocessor lines start with # and do not end with a semicolon (in contrast to usual code instructions).

#define MAX_SIZE = 1
#undef MAX_SIZE

The first instruction replaces instances of MAX_SIZE with 1. The second instruction undefines the …

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