Companion for MS2 - v.1.3.0

The boss timer has been improved in this update.

  • Added sorting functionality
  • Added level information to each boss
  • Added spawn schedule information to each boss

v.1.3.0 is now available to download on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Companion for BDO - v.5.5.4d

This update fixes timezone issues due to daylight saving and adds new boss timer data for most regions.

  • Boss timer update (NA/EU/JP/KR/SA/SEA/MENA)
  • Added Garmoth data to certain regions
  • Fixed missing time data

Now available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Blog Security Update

I’ve modified/added some security headers for most of my sites.

The following headers have been added:

  • X-XSS-Protection
  • Referrer-Policy “no-referrer”
  • Strict-Transport-Security

I’ll be making more changes soon.

Companion for MS2 Release

The unofficial helper for MapleStory 2 is now available for both Android and iOS devices!

They were both released on the respective app stores:

Get it on Google Play

Current features include several timers (dungeon resets, minigame event, boss spawns) with optional notification delivery, in-app news listing and class overviews.

I’m planning to add more features soon, which would be beneficial for new and veteran players.

You can also send me feedback to my email address found here.

Blog Restructuring

I’ve made drastic changes to my blog and its organization. This post explains the recent changes.

Articles & Pages

I’m now categorizing articles via main- and sub-categories. This basically fixes spaghetti archives and bad filtering.

Articles now have the date directly inside their permalinks. Page URLs are still the same.


Categories, tags and other meta data are now displayed on the right sidebar to make searching and filtering easier.

Code blocks are also working again.

Commenting System

I also introduced disqus as the main commenting system for this blog. Still experimenting with it though.

The contact form has also been updated.