Wodeu - v.1.1.2 [BETA]

Update: the release has been postponed.

Wodeu is now stable enough to be going out of beta and will hopefully soon arrive for iOS devices too.

This update fixes many issues and improves overall usability.

  • Added news caching
    • This reduces network usage significantly
  • Added vocabulary page to article inspection
  • Added card customization
    • Choose to reveal Korean or English
  • Updated article loading behaviour
    • This reduces laggy transitioning
  • Updated animations for interactive widgets
  • Updated drawer menu layout
  • Updated vocabulary extraction algorithm
    • This will affect upcoming articles
  • Fixed previous category not saving
    • Only news pages were affected by this
  • Fixed fullscreen mode not applying after restart
  • Fixed word de-bookmarking issue
  • Fixed faulty sharing link
    • Previous article sources will be updated this week accordingly

Wodeu is available on the Google Play Store

Wodeu - v.1.0.8/1.0.9/1.1.0/1.1.1 [BETA]

Visual stuff, text to speech and new configurations have been added with these updates.

Wodeu - v.1.0.7 [BETA]

  • Added VOA Korea as main news source
    • VOA Korea articles are now updated daily
    • Kids Donga categories are now being bundled into one page
  • Added original source link to the inspection
    • A link to the original source has now been added to the dotted menu
  • Updated vocabulary extraction algorithm
    • English words will now respectively display a special dialog
    • Special characters are now being properly stripped out
  • Fixed other minor issues
    • Layout issues regarding inspection view have been fixed
    • Performance increase when loading articles

Wodeu is officially in beta for Android users (check out the Google Play Store)

Wodeu - Beta Release

Wodeu Feature Image

What is Wodeu?

Wodeu makes interactive reading possible by analyzing and processing Korean articles from the web.

Beta Release

Wodeu is now officially in beta for Android users (check out the Google Play Store)

Updates are constantly pushed out and a full release will hopefully be available in January 2019 for both Android and iOS users.