Wodeu - v.1.2.0

I’m happy to announce one of the bigger updates coming this week.

Latest Changes

An overview of the latest changes:

  • Added in-depth vocabulary card display for new articles
  • Added article usage section to vocabulary
  • Added pagination scrolling
  • Added hangul/romanization tool
  • Added changelog page link to settings
  • Updated translation algorithm for upcoming articles
    • Article usage section
    • Breakdown of words
    • Type of word
  • Updated vocabulary dialog closing behaviour
  • Updated long-press dialog for words within articles
  • Updated vocabulary card layout and font family
  • Updated article categories to include local Korean news
  • Fixed article bookmarking issue in the storage section
  • Fixed faulty sharing link on certain articles

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yrCommerce v.10.5

yrCommerce is now stable enough to go out of beta. The latest update brings new features and many bug-fixes. The live demo has also been upgraded to the latest version, available here.

New Features in v.10.5

An overview of the latest changes:

  • Added timed category settings
    • Main categories can now be enabled on a timed-basis
  • Updated customer bonus system
  • Updated article bonus system
  • Updated admin panels
  • Updated mobile app to ensure native user experience
  • Visual and functional bug-fixes
    • Fixed extra category sorting mechanism
    • Fixed rare PayPal communication errors
    • Fixed overlapping widgets on smaller devices
    • Fixed timezone issues
    • Fixed opening/closing times not applying sometimes

Wodeu - iOS Release

Wodeu is now also available for iOS devices via the App Store, so make sure to check it out!

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Wodeu - v.1.1.3/1.1.4/1.1.5 [BETA]

An overview of the recent changes:

  • Added long-press action for words
    • This will open a copy-to-clipboard dialog
  • Added web-view for source
  • Added word inspection
    • Tapping on a word within a vocabulary card will open a dedicated page with more information and links
  • Added more text to speech
  • Updated processing algorithm
    • This will apply on upcoming articles
    • Older articles have been removed and will be added again later
  • Updated vocabulary card layout
  • Updated article categories
  • Updated design and layouts
  • Fixed inconsistent bottomsheet behaviour
  • Fixed rare crash due to article parsing

Wodeu is available on the Google Play Store