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Black Desert Knowledge Guide

This guide will lead you through every knowledge from some categories that are quite hard to obtain for the first time. There are two ways of actually getting all the knowledge. The first way is to buy the knowledge from Clara Siciliano, the Bookseller in Calpheon. The second way is by interacting with different NPCs and spending energy or doing a quest chain. The latter option is probably the easier one to do, as you don’t have to spend any silver or much amity.

Theology I

1. Road of Penitence

In order to obtain this knowledge you will need to be above level 39 and have to visit Calpheon and take the quest A Sinner from the Villager at the square next to Lavientia Batian’s house. Another way for players under level 39: finish the chain quest A Talk with Elion from Annolisa Rosie, make sure to follow previous steps as well. To start the chain quests, talk to Elina Leight in Calpheon.

2. Bell Ringing from the City

Look for the Adventurer in Calpheon outside the inn next to Fredelles Herba. You will get the knowledge from this NPC after finishing quest The Calpheon Bell. In order to do this quest you must be above level 35 and you must have the Apprentice Manager Certificate quest completed beforehand.

3. Tower of Will

The knowledge can be acquired from the Mysterious Man in Heidel city. Meet him inside the old building near eastern gates, he is wearing dark clothes, kneels down while surrounded by candles. The cost to obtain the knowledge is 5 energy, you also have to be above level 29.

4. Will of Elion

To receive the knowledge talk to Ottavio Ferre, a Elionian Priest inside Velia’s Chapel.

5. Evil Gods in Darkness

In the South of Glish meet Annalynn, the node manager of the Bloody Monastery. She will share her knowledge for 35 energy.

6. After Death

Search for the villager on the left side of Velia’s chapel. You will need 3 energy to obtain his knowledge. If the villager is not there, try it in the morning.

7. Birth of Faith

Visit Glish town and find a priest Lionel Riche inside the chapel. Once you reach 50 amity with him, the quest Elionian Doctrines will be available. Meet the villager sitting on the well to receive the knowledge for 3 energy (she’ll be there during the daytime).

8. Elion Definition of Heresy

Look for Lionel Richi, the priest in the chapel of Glish, he will share his knowledge for 3 energy.

9. Dragon Watcher

Examine the lion statue on top of the Holy Altar near the Northern Plain of Serendia node. You need 10 energy to obtain the knowledge.

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